Monday, 19 May 2008

Fun with Earth View

There are all sorts of applets out there that simulate astronomical viewpoints, most of which manage provide a reason to keep procrastinating that little bit longer. Having stumbled across one such thing earlier today, I thought I'd share it.

Earth View allows you to input your own data to gain views of the earth from varying distances, locations and levels of detail. The default setting has a nice night/day sim, lighting up population centres when dark so that they can be seen.



The skepTick said...

Last week's biggest news along these lines is Microsoft's release of the World Wide Telescope. Similar to Google Sky but supposedly better. I'm still trying to get mine to work on a Vista machine...

Sam D said...

Yeah i'll be posting something about WWT once I get the damn thing running on my computer! In the meantime I thought i'd share a random stumble.

In any case thanks for the comment :)