Tuesday, 18 March 2008


So what do I mean by Protostronomy? It's pretty much just a play on words to describe what i'm currently doing, so in order to qualify - let me make a quick introduction.

I'm a student studying with the OU in Britain to obtain a BSc in the field of Physics with bias towards Astrophysics and Astronomy. This blog is a place where I can voice thoughts, musings and/or post generally awesome stuff pertaining to Astronomy, Science and a bit of anything else that turns out to be particularly cool.

So I am a Protostronomer (Or more accurately a proto-astronomer), and as I endeavor to de-protify and be able to proclaim myself a fully fledged astronomer i'll be posting up all sorts of bits and bobs that, with any luck, will both make sense and stand up to scientific scrutiny.


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